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Electrostatic Powder Coatings

Epoxy, Polyester, Urethane These environmentally friendly finishes are replacing painting and plating in many operations. They provide decorative, tough, corrosion resistant finishes without the use of solvents and heavy metals. Powder Coating will enhance any type of metal product including castings, metal stampings and wire goods

Fluidized Bed Powdered Vinyl Coatings

Durable decorative fluidized  bed vinyl finishes provide a tough, glossy weather resistant coating. They provide color, good electrical resistance and corrosion protection and are a great value. Common uses for vinyl powder coatings include dishwasher and other racks, wire fabrications, pole transformers, wire separators for utilities and cable TV wiring, automotive components, medical devices, marine applications, dairy equipment and outdoor furniture. Vinyl powder coatings are ideal for coating metal stampings and wire fabrications.

Fluidized Bed Powdered Epoxy Coatings

Epoxy fluidized bed coatings are formulated to provide hard smooth coating with good edge coverage, exceptional toughness, high electrical insulation and excellent chemical resistance. These thick film coatings are widely used for high voltage electrical insulation on bus bars, coils, rotors and stators; chemical resistant valves, pipes in corrosive environments and concrete reinforcement bars.

Nylon Powder Coatings

Extreme abrasion, corrosion and solvent resistance in a highly cosmetic finish make this coating ideal for many applications. Nylon coatings resist a broad range of chemical and corrosive environments, are inert to fungus growth and are highly stain resistant. Some of the applications where nylon coatings excel are the coating of gears, cams and conveyor rollers, wire goods such as dishwasher racks, shopping carts, wire baskets and shelving, Food and medical equipment and furniture and playground equipment. Nylon can be applied using either Fluidized bed or Electrostatic spray equipment.

Liquid Vinyl Plastisol Coating

Coating with liquid vinyl plastisol permits a thicker film buildup than other coatings. This gives plastisol coatings excellent sound and vibration dampening, thermal and electrical insulation and eliminates or reduces sharp edges on metal parts. The ability to partially dip a product in plastisol provides an attractive finish on only the areas that require coating. Plastisol coatings work particularly well on valve and other handles, machine guarding, electrical bus bars and wire fabrications

Vinyl Dip Molding

A wide variety of detailed shapes in a multitude of colors can be molded into plastisol end caps and covers. These covers provide a decorative, functional or multipurpose cover for your product. Plastisol boots are widely used for end caps on tubular products, electrical solenoid boots, paint masks, tips on wire and metal goods, tool handles and decorative feet on products

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