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Plastisol  Dip Molding

Plastisol Moldings

A wide variety of detailed shapes in a multitude of colors can be molded into plastisol end caps and covers. These thermoplastic conformal coatings provide a decorative, functional or multipurpose cover for your product. Custom plastisol boots are widely used for end caps on tubular products, electrical insulation solenoid boots, paint masks, tips on wire and metal goods, tool handles, decorative feet, automotive components, medical devices, and a wide variety of other products in a virtually any color.  

Metal molds are heated and then Plastisol Dip coated. After cooling the caps are removed from the mold.

Key Benefits

Electrical Insulation
Low Mold Costs
Colors, Glosses and Textures
Unusual Shapes And Sizes
Impact Resistant
Noise Reducing

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Telephone  414-352-2628
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