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Fluid Bed Powdered Epoxy

Coated Bus Bar

Epoxy fluidized bed coatings are formulated to provide hard smooth coating with good edge coverage, exceptional toughness, high electrical insulation and excellent chemical resistance. These Thick Film coatings are one of our coating services that is an excellent coating for high voltage electrical insulation of bus bars, coils, rotors and stators; chemical resistant valves and pipes in corrosive environments and concrete reinforcement bars.

Typical Properties **

Electrical Insulation
Tensile Strength
Hardness ( Shore D )
Water Absorption
Impact Resistance
Maximum Operating Temperature
Chemical Resistance
UL Approval
800 to 1200 volts/mil 
7500 PSI
.3 %
160 in/lbs. 
350 degree F
Good To Excellent
130 C.
**All properties shown are typical and should not be used for specifications.

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Telephone  414-352-2628
FAX   414-352-7514
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