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Liquid Vinyl Plastisol Coating

Plastisol Coated Clip

Coating with  Vinyl Plastisol permits a thicker film buildup than other coatings. This gives Plastisol Dip coatings excellent noise reducing properties,  vibration dampening, thermal and electrical insulation and eliminates or reduces sharp edges on metal parts. The ability to partially dip a product in plastisol provides a decorative finish on only the areas that require coating. Plastisol coatings work particularly well on valve and other handles, machine guarding, automotive components, electrical bus bars and wire fabrications

This is a brief description of the service ...

This wear resistant material is one of our coating services formulated to form rigid, tough, non-slip, smooth or textured coatings with good impact resistance, chemical and electrical properties and high tear strength. It also has excellent uniformity and stability.

Typical Properties **

Electrical Insulation
Tensile Strength
Tear Strength
Hardness ( Shore A )
Heat & Light Stability
Outdoor Weathering
Maximum Operating Temperature
Chemical Resistance
Abrasion Resistance
600 + volts/mil 
2000 PSI
250 PLI
200 %
65 - 90
210 degree F
**All properties shown are typical and should not be used for specifications   

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