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Plastisol dipping  is one of our coating services in which a heated part is dipped into  a tank of liquid plastic. The heat of the part causes the plastic to "Jell" on the surface. The part is removed from the tank and cured in an oven to provide the final material characteristics. The thickness of the coating is controlled by the heat of the metal, the length of time the part is immersed in the tank and physical characteristic of specific plastisols.

If the part to be coated is cleaned and a primer is applied prior to coating, A very strong bond will form between the metal and the coating resulting in a very durable coating with a strong adhesive bond. This is called  Plastisol Dip Coating

If a metal part is not primed prior to coating, and the geometry of the part is not complex, the coating on the finished part can be removed. This makes it possible to cast plastisol shapes and remove them from the metal "mold".  Plastisol Dip Molding


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